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Success Stories


I have been attending Applied Scholastic Academy for many years now. It is a school that really makes sure you understand what you are studying.

There is math, science, art, geography, history, etc… and all are taught in such a way to make sure the student fully comprehends what the materials mean and how to use what they have learned. I enjoy all of the subjects that I study here, if there is something I do not understand, there is someone here to help me.

The teachers are here to make sure the students can grasp whatever the materials say. They are fully capable and willing to help students who are in need of help. They ensure the information gets across without giving the students a hard time. I love the teachers for understanding any situation I am in and their capability to get my questions answered.


I chose to attend Applied Scholastics Academy because I was not up to par with my studies. In public school, I was not paying attention. I think the reason I was not doing well was that I had no interest. They were going to fast or too slow, but not at my own pace. I am progressing well now at Applied Scholastic Academy, it is challenging, but it is not too challenging for me.


I think that in public schools, they need improve the willingness to learn. To make kids more willing to learn you first need to make sure they are able to read. Make them aware of what misunderstood words can do to you. They hit a misunderstood word and just “check out”.


I would recommend Applied Scholastic Academy to my friends, if they really have the drive to learn, this is the school to do it attend.

Robert K.

The “Basic Study Manual” has tremendously helped me in forming good study habits and learning to read without getting distracted. Before the B.S.M it was always a struggle to study and retain information. I would read the words on the page while my mind wandered elsewhere. Due to my lack of ability to comprehend what I was reading, you could say that the majority of my life I have despised and dislike reading and studying.


After the B.S.M. I have now read three books that were the biggest books I have read by choice in my whole life. I also hope to be a 2017 early graduate thank to the B.S.M. 


My name is Sabrina and I am 17 years old, I have been attending Applied Scholastics Academy for a year and I am going to graduate this year 2019.


During my time at Academy for Learning I accomplished something I didn’t think I could expect to accomplish throughout my whole life; I was able to get through 11th and 12th grade all in 1 year. It was something I did not think was possible. I worked really hard, the teachers helped me, Ms. Blaise and Ms. Wendy kept a constant stream of encouragements as well as helping me one on one. 


I have been to public, private and charter schools, but none of them seems to fit, I never found a place where I could study, be myself and focus on what I wanted to focus on for my future.


What I did find is at Applied Scholastics Academy of Las Vegas, I did fit, I got to pursue my future, I received a lot of one on one with the teachers and I was able to work at my own pace, most schools keep you at the same pace with other students, but I wanted to move faster learn more and they allowed and encouraged me in doing so here at this school. I really enjoyed the selections of electives you can take in high school; my favorite was Criminal Justice as I am planning on becoming a Police Officer.

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